01.02.2016Fellini store will open up in "Fabrika" shopping mall
Fellini brand store will open in "Fabrika" shopping mall in March 2016. The total area of the new store will be 75.65 sq. m.
25.12.2015Season's Greetings from Budhouse Group
22.12.2015New Puma store was opened up in "Fabrika" shoppinng mall
On December 19, took place the technical opening of the Sportcenter store in "Fabrika" shopping mall. The total area of the store is 98,5 sq. m. Sportcenter is a store of stylish sportswear, footwear and accessories under trade mark of Puma.
23.11.2015Sputnnik dance studio will open up in "Lubava" shopping center
Sputnik Dance, a branch of the famous Ukrainian professional dance studio will open in the Lubava shopping center this year.
13.11.2015New clothing stores were opened up in "Fabrika" shopping mall
New stores "Marta Vladi" - with a total area of 55.9 sq. m. and "Prima Vita" - with a total area of 55.9 sq. m. have been opened in Kherson shopping mall "Fabrika".
03.11.2015New restaurants were opened up in "Fabrika" shopping mall
Two new restaurants opened their doors for the guests on the 2nd floor of the shopping complex.
29.10.2015Visa center to open in "Forum L'viv" shopping center
Visa centers of Schengen zone countries, Bulgaria, Canada and Croatia will be gathered together in one premise in Forum Lviv.
22.10.2015Delicacy-market Le Silpo will open in "Nikolsky" shopping center
Budhouse Group's experts have signed a contact with the country’s largest retail operator - "Fozzy-Food". According to the agreement the premium format delicacy-market Le Silpo will be opened in the shopping center "Nikolsky"
19.10.2015Ukraine participated in the board conference of the European Board, ICSC
European Advisory Board held a board meeting in Munich.
07.10.2015The petting zoo will open up in "Fabrika" shopping mall
The zoo "Strana Enotiya" will open at 4th stage of "Fabrika" shopping mall. Its total area will be 372 sq. m.

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