29.10.2015Visa center to open in "Forum L'viv" shopping center
Visa centers of Schengen zone countries, Bulgaria, Canada and Croatia will be gathered together in one premise in Forum Lviv.
22.10.2015Delicacy-market Le Silpo will open in "Nikolsky" shopping center
Budhouse Group's experts have signed a contact with the country’s largest retail operator - "Fozzy-Food". According to the agreement the premium format delicacy-market Le Silpo will be opened in the shopping center "Nikolsky"
19.10.2015Ukraine participated in the board conference of the European Board, ICSC
European Advisory Board held a board meeting in Munich.
07.10.2015The petting zoo will open up in "Fabrika" shopping mall
The zoo "Strana Enotiya" will open at 4th stage of "Fabrika" shopping mall. Its total area will be 372 sq. m.
05.10.2015The agreements with the new tenants have been signed in "Lubava" shopping center
The food court of "Lubava" shopping center has been added with new restaurants.
28.09.2015Grand opening of "FORUM L’viv" shopping center took place in Lviv
25 September 2015 "Forum L’viv" opened its doors, inviting thousands of shoppers and interested L’viv citizens.
15.09.2015An agreement has been signed between "Fabrika" shopping mall and fashion-incubator Veter
Experts of Budhouse Group have signed an agreement with the representatives of the national chain Veter.
10.08.2015FORUM L’viv shopping centre Grand Opening announcement
Multi Ukraine, leading developer of Forum Lviv shopping center, together with its local partners – Galereja Centre and Budhouse Group announce the
opening date for the Forum Lviv.
05.08.2015ICSC Ukraine National Committee has held its first session with a newly assembled structure
In Kiev the first meeting of ICSC Ukraine National Committee in its new composition has been held. The participants of the meeting were representatives of such companies as Immochan, CBRE, Budhouse Group, Multi Development, Arricano, Eastgate Development, Colliers.
30.07.2015Multi signs up LC Waikiki, completing Forum Lviv brand portfolio
The two-storey LC Waikiki store will take up around 1,100 m2 on the ground and first floors of the new shopping centre.

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